Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A must have- Chilly Jilly

So we are finally back from vacation-I have so much to share about my experience and the local products I have found while away. One of my favorite new discoveries while away was the Chilly Jilly which is a super functional wrap. We were on a boat for seven days and while the days were warm the restaurants and nights were unpredictable. The Chilly Jilly is a lightweight easy to carry wrap that can fit in any bag. The Chilly Jilly comes with a silk bag that can fit into your bag and can easily be pulled out when the temperature drops. Here is the silk bag:

It is so easy to just toss in your purse and not have to worry about carrying a sweater which can easily wrinkle and can be bulky.  The wrap itself is so soft and keeps you very warm. I was surprised at how well the wrap worked since it was so light and airy. I loved that I did not have to carry a sweater with me all over because I had my wrap it could be worn for any occasion.

Chilly Jilly also offers jackets, gloves, and my other personal favorite the Duelette. It is a bracelet that functions as a hairband. I loved wearing it on the cruise as a bracelet and if the wind was out of control I had a hairband without having to hunt all over. This are perfect for back to school and work-what a quick way to throw your hair up with a grown up me I have been known to use my daughters Cinderella hair bands in a pinch!

All Chilly Jilly products are available for purchase online and at various retail locations. Enter your zip code here to find a store near you!


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